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  • “This is a wonderful team to visit. They are the first to make me feel I can go to the dentist without the sedation. Dr. Shipp has proven himself over and over that he does great work with an easy hand. I wont see anyone but this group of awesome folks!”
    Traci H.
  • “ Highly recommended! I brought my toddler son in for his first visit, and the staff and Dr. Shipp were all so sweet with him. My whole family goes here now.”
    Myra R.
  • “These guys are awesome! I had a problem with a filling and they fit me in without an appointment. They were very kind and helpful and made me feel comfortable. He repaired my dental work and I experienced no pain at all. I am very happy to call Dr. Shipp my dentist!”
    Jimmy A.
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It is always better to save a tooth whenever possible, but sometimes extraction is the only option. We won’t make this recommendation lightly, and we do so only after exhausting all other possibilities for treatment.

If you are facing a tooth extraction, you might be feeling nervous about the procedure. Please talk to us so we can discuss sedation options, including nitrous oxide. We are also happy to discuss in-depth precisely what will happen during the procedure to further set your mind at east.

Rest assured, you are in good hands with Columbus, MS dentist Dr. Patrick Shipp. He and his team will do their best to make your extraction procedure as comfortable as possible.

Situations Where an Extraction Might Be Necessary

Sometimes, as much as we would prefer to save your tooth, extraction might be inevitable. The following are some situations where dental extraction might be necessary:

  • There has been trauma to the tooth that cannot be fixed.
  • A tooth has become fractured or broken beyond repair.
  • A root canal treatment was unsuccessful.
  • Teeth need to be removed to fix overcrowding ahead of orthodontics work.

Taking Care of the Site after Extraction

An extraction is not a complicated procedure, but to ensure proper healing, take care to follow your Dr. Shipp's instructions for taking care of the site afterward. Not doing so can inhibit healing and bring you back for further treatment.

Dr. Shipp's instructions might include the following:

  • Your discomfort after the procedure should be minimal, but if you have any pain, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever.
  • If there is any swelling, ice packs held over your check at the site can help.
  • Avoid drinking out of a straw or smoking in the days immediately after an extraction. The sucking motion can dislodge the blood clot that forms at the extraction site. The result is a painful condition called dry socket.

If pain or swelling worsens in the days after your procedure or if you any questions about the healing process, be sure to call our office!

What Else You Should Know about Extractions

Be sure to ask Dr. Shipp any questions you might have about extractions. The more informed you are about the procedure, the less likely you are to have anxiety over it.

Rest assured that we take your comfort seriously, and the area around the extraction site will be completely numbed so you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

If you have questions about tooth replacement options, Dr. Shipp will be happy to discuss those with you so there is a plan already in place.

Call Us for More Information about an Extraction

Usually the treatment of last resort, an extraction should not be put off. A damaged tooth will only get worse with time. Call Dr. Shipp with your concerns, and he can advise you on whether an extraction is necessary.