Root Canal Treatment in Columbus, MS

Root Canals | Shipp Family Dentistry | Columbus, MSIf you have a painful toothache that seems to be getting progressively worse, root canal treatment might be in your future.

The very words “root canal” are enough to send a shiver up even the most stalwart spine. But if you’ve had a filling like most people, you might take comfort in the fact that a root canal is a common procedure that isn’t much more complicated.

Don’t let unfounded fear stop you from calling your dentist if you are suffering from tooth pain. The pain you are experiencing today is far worse than the root canal you might have tomorrow. A root canal is a no longer a painful procedure thanks to dental anesthesia, and it can save your tooth!

Call Columbus, MS dentist Dr. Patrick Shipp today if you think you might need a root canal.

Reasons You Might Need a Root Canal

A tooth infection can present itself in a number of ways. If you have any of the following symptoms, you might be looking at root canal treatment:

  • A toothache in one area of your mouth that continues to get worse
  • Swelling of the gum area around the affected tooth
  • A tooth that has become extremely sensitive to heat and cold
  • A tooth that has become discolored

How Are Root Canals Performed?

Understanding the root canal procedure helps to eliminate the mystery surrounding it, which goes a long way toward tempering fear and anxiety.

The innermost part of your tooth, or pulp, contains both nerves and blood vessels. The vessels and nerves of the pulp reach the rest of the body through tiny canals in the roots of your teeth—your root canals.

Sometimes a tooth becomes damaged or decayed, and bacteria get into the pulp, causing an infection. In most cases, the infection is extremely painful. The pain from an infection is not going to go away or get better; it may even lead to tooth loss if you let it go. And because the infection can spread to your healthy teeth and even the rest of your body, it must be treated.

After completely numbing the area in your mouth, Dr. Shipp will use special dental instruments to make a tiny hole in the tooth, then remove the infected pulp and damaged nerves. Once all the bacteria and damaged material are cleaned out, he will flush the area with an antibiotic to ensure no infection remains before filling and sealing the tooth.

root canal therapy | Shipp Family Dentistry | Columbus, MSIn most cases, Dr. Shipp will recommend a crown to strengthen the remaining tooth structure, which can potentially become brittle after the root canal procedure. The form and function of your once-infected tooth will be returned to normal.

There Is No Reason to Fear the Root Canal

Any kind of dental pain or swelling is never normal, so be sure to call Shipp Family Dentistry as soon as you start experiencing it. We can go over your symptoms and determine what treatment might be necessary. If you do need a root canal, just remember that it will end your discomfort—and save your tooth! Call us today.