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Smile Gallery

Too many people go through life unhappy with their smile.

With today’s cosmetic dentistry, however, you don’t have to live with a smile you don’t love to show off.

At Shipp Family Dentistry, Columbus, MS dentist Dr. Patrick Shipp transforms dull smiles to dazzling. Take a look at photos of our actual patients to see how smiles can be improved.

Missing Teeth | Crown & Denture Procedure
Crown & Denture Procedure In The Mouth
Crowns and Denture
This patient was not satisfied with their smile and was not able to enjoy their food due to cavities, several missing teeth, and poorly fitting dentures. For the top teeth, we were able to place crowns on teeth that had large cavities and give them a...[Read More]
Metal Exposed On Front Tooth Crown
Newly Placed Front Tooth Crowns
Crown Replacement
This patient was not happy with their darker, older crowns with metal under them. We replaced these with all porcelain crowns that look much more natural. This patient also used custom whitening trays to brighten her teeth. They smile constantly with...[Read More]
Severely Chipped Front Teeth
Fixed Chipped Teeth From Dental Bonding
Dental Bonding
This patient suffered trauma to their teeth that broke them off. By using new bonding materials and techniques we can cover these up in one appointment. The patient was ecstatic and could not believe they looked like nothing ever happened.
Spaced Front Teeth | Diastema
Dental Bonding Fixing Spaced Front Teeth
Diastema Closure
This patient had a natural space that they had dealt with for years. We closed them with bonding materials that blended naturally with her teeth. They could not wait for their friends and family to see this.
Large Dark Cavities | Tooth Decay
Dental Bonding Fixing Tooth Decay & Discoloration
This patient was embarrassed about their front teeth that had large cavities on them. They worked with people all day and were constantly hiding them with their hand and would not smile. We placed natural looking all porcelain crowns on the front two...[Read More]