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Why do I need a dental crown?

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When a tooth has become severely damaged due to injury or decay, a crown is usually necessary to restore it.

Without a crown, the tooth is highly susceptible to breaking. If it breaks down too far, a root canal might be necessary, or in the worst case, a tooth might not be able to be saved. A dental crown is a good thing because it protects your tooth!

The crown surrounds the entire tooth to prevent breakage in a way that a filling cannot. Often referred to as a “cap,” a crown is placed over a prepared tooth structure then cemented in place. It restores not only the form of the tooth but its function as well.

Crowns are usually called for in the following situations:

  • There is an area of substantial decay on a tooth that is beyond a simple filling.
  • A tooth has become cracked.
  • A root canal has been performed, and the remaining tooth structure needs a crown to protect it.
  • A tooth is severely worn down.

With proper care that includes regular brushing and flossing and twice yearly trips to the dentist, a dental crown can last for many years. 

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