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What types of treatments do pediatric dentists provide?

All parents want what's best for their little ones, and that includes avoiding painful and traumatic oral health problems whenever possible. 

At Shipp Family Dentistry, we think it's better to prevent a dental issue than treating one. In order to do this, we offer a variety of pediatric treatments that keep your child healthy and happy. 

Children's Dentistry Services in Columbus, MS

Our children's dentistry services are tailored to your son or daughter. Some of the dental procedures you might expect to see include:

Dental CleaningsPatient visiting the children's dentist in Columbus, MS

Excellent oral hygiene requires a consistent foundation in routine dental cleanings. During our visit with your child, we'll go over how to brush and floss properly. We also work to inspire a life-long passion for dental health by going over the importance of keeping your teeth and gums happy. 

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We love the versatility and value of dental fillings in Columbus, MS! They help fill in cracks and chips, provide resistance to fractures, and fill in cavities. 

Dental Sealants

Children can have a hard time reaching all areas of their mouth, which is why we recommend dental sealants at Shipp Family Dentistry. This thin coating is applied to the surface of the tooth and protects grooved or pitted tooth surfaces. 

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a compound that can prevent tooth decay and keep teeth healthy. Young children might benefit from fluoride treatments to stave off cavities and decay. 

Our 39705 Children's Dentist Will Keep Your Child Healthy

Nothing makes us happier than to make your child's stay with us fun and welcoming. Call us today to schedule a children's dental cleaning. Your children's dentist in Columbus, MS is always available for any questions or to go over treatment options. 

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