Relief from Dental Emergencies Near Columbus

Man in pain from dental emergency in Columbus, MS Dental emergencies happen, sometimes despite our best efforts. It can be frightening when you are eating something crunchy and suddenly a tooth filling falls out or you start experiencing severe tooth pain that becomes unbearable. If you are looking for an emergency dentist near Columbus, MS, give Shipp Family Dentistry a call right away at (662) 329-3431.

Our team will get you in to our office for an examination quickly, relieve any tooth pain you might be experiencing, and develop a treatment plan to take care of the problem. We even have an after-hours number on our dental practice voicemail because dental emergencies can happen anytime, day or night!

When To See Our Emergency Dentist, Dr. Patrick Shipp

Sometimes you might be in a situation after normal office hours that leaves you wondering whether you need to contact an emergency dentist. Here are some guidelines to determine if you are experiencing a dental emergency:

One of the most common dental emergencies is a toothache that not only persists for several days but becomes intolerable. This is often a sign that there is an infection in the pulp of the tooth, which may require root canal treatment to resolve. If you are suffering from an excruciating toothache, give us a call immediately and our emergency dentist in Columbus, MS will see you as soon as possible. 

If you have suffered an injury to the mouth from a blow to the face or from an auto accident and a tooth feels loose or broken—or has fallen out completely—a trip the emergency dentist is needed as soon as possible. If your tooth is knocked out of its socket, you need to see the dentist immediately if there is any chance of saving that tooth. If you can, put the tooth back in its socket or keep it moist by holding it between your cheek and gum until you can get in for an appointment.

Other situations that might need treatment but can wait until normal office hours include a filling that has fallen out or a crown that has come loose.

Preventing Future Dental Emergencies

Believe it or not, the best way to prevent dental emergencies is to visit your dentist regularly for routine examinations and dental cleanings. When people ignores preventive dental care, small problems that could have been discovered and treated early on usually grow into much larger problems.

Many people are fearful of the dentist, so they put appointments off—sometimes for years. Our kind, compassionate dental team will work hard to ensure your visit at Shipp Family Dentistry is comfortable. We will do whatever we can to help alleviate your anxiety.

Woman receiving emergency dental care in Columbus, MS Please know that at our dentist office, we are never judgmental—even if it has been quite some time since your last visit to the dentist. However bad you think the state of your mouth, our only goal is to get you back onto the path to good oral health.

Relieve Your Tooth Pain At Our Columbus Dentist Office  

Call Shipp Family Dental if you ever need emergency dental care near Columbus! If you are unsure if your situation is truly a dental emergency or not, feel free to give us a call anyway to confirm with a professional emergency dentist.

Do not wait to relieve your tooth pain! Give our office a call at (662) 329-3431 to see our emergency dentist.