Professional Teeth Whitening in Columbus, MS

Couple smiling after Teeth Whitening in Columbus MS Do you wish your teeth were whiter?

If you are like a lot of people, you may have invested plenty of money into over-the-counter treatments that provided few results. Why not join the many people who have opted for professional teeth whitening from their dentist?

This popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is affordable and results are far more dramatic. In just one treatment with our cosmetic dentist in Columbus, MS, your teeth can often be many shades whiter.

If you wish your teeth were whiter, what are you waiting for? Call Shipp Family Dentistry today at (662) 329-3431 to find out more about professional teeth whitening. This safe procedure is easy and quick, and it can be a real confidence booster. It will make you want to show off your white smile!

The Professional Teeth Whitening Process 

Professional teeth whitening treatment is a straightforward process not dissimilar to many over-the-counter systems. The difference is in the powerful whitening gel and the custom-made whitening trays.

The masterful system consists of a peroxide-based whitening gel that breaks apart the stains that settled into your teeth. Oxygen hits the enamel and dentin of the teeth, and even stains that have been on your teeth for years finally disappear.

Professional whitening gives you much more dramatic results in a much shorter amount of time than over-the-counter strips or gels. If you continue to follow up with whitening treatments, your teeth will be whiter than you would have ever thought possible.

Pain or Discomfort with Professional Tooth Whitening

Unlike many of the whitening kits you pick up at the local drug or department store, which tend to cause tooth sensitivity—often because they are used incorrectly—our patients report very little discomfort with our whitening system. Dr. Shipp will give you specific instructions on how to use the custom whitening trays at home to avoid post-treatment sensitivity.

When you are in our office undergoing treatment, you’ll also find that professional teeth whitening is virtually pain-free. Before we even get started, we’ll protect your lips and gums so there is little chance of sensitivity afterward.

Woman smiling pointing at smile after Teeth Whitening in Columbus MSIf you have a highly sensitive gag reflex, the in-office procedure might be slightly uncomfortable. Just let us know ahead of time that this might be an issue for you and we'll find ways to minimize this issue.

Results of Teeth Whitening in Columbus, MS

Results will vary from patient to patient, depending on the color of your natural teeth and how white you’d like them to be.

If you continue to do follow-up treatments in Columbus, your results will last longer. It is also a good idea to avoid eating and drinking things that have the potential to stain your teeth, such as coffee, in order to get the best results for teeth whitening. 

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Why live with stained or yellowed teeth and a smile you feel like hiding when you can have a beautiful white smile with our custom trays? Give us a call today at (662) 329-3431 to schedule teeth whitening treatment in Columbus!